Package Features Explained!

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

When we created our packages, we made sure to keep the most important factor in mind - Our Clients! We didn't want to nickel-and-dime customers for each and every amenity, because honestly MOST of them are fun for us to provide. Our goal was to create robust packages guaranteed to keep your guest entertained for the duration of our services, and affordable for many budgets. Read below for more information on our package features, upgrades and add-ons.

Custom Banner

Each photo booth rental comes with a banner that stands at 6'x 2.5'. The banner can be customized with Newlyweds' names, event title, company name, or logo.

Red Carpet & Stanchions

A plush red carpet and stanchions can be added to make your guest feel like Hollywood Stars.

Instant Prints

Guests can choose between 1-4 pictures to print on a 4x6 canvas. Our dye sublimation printer disperses dry prints in 20 seconds.

Custom photo template

Our graphic designer will customize a digital background for your booth interface. Choose between our creative array of templates or have one custom made.

"We take pride in the image of our company. So imagine how much effort we put into your event.

Online gallery for guest download

Each guest that takes a photo will receive access to viewing party images online. You may opt out of this feature if you'd like to keep your images private.

Social sharing

Guest will have the option to share their images, GIF, or Boomerang to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Booth Attendants

Your event will have an experienced assistant on-site to guide your guest through the steps.

Prop Upgrade

We will ditch the standard mustache and eye glass props, for props that are oversized and colorful. The upgrade includes glitter bombs, confetti shooters, money guns, pop culture memes, and more. ADULT props are available upon request.

GIF & Boomerang option

In addition to photos, guests will have the option to create a short photo GIF or looping Boomerang video.

High res photos on a thumb drive

We will provide a USB Flash Drive containing all of the photo and videos taken at your event.

video messaging

Guests will have the option to leave a 20 second video in support of you or your event. This feature is only available with an enclosed booth rental.

digital step & repeat

Instead of charging our customers for a physical banner that they will only use once, we provide a digital option. Our graphic designer will work with you to create a step & repeat projected onto a screen.


Guestbooks are great commemorative gifts from special events. Guests can leave a photo booth image along with a congratulatory message.

Photo strip souvenir

Complete your guests' commemorative experience with a souvenir magnetic frame or sleeve to hold their photo strip.

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